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The most prestigious horticultural exhibition began preparations


Certainly well aware of the horticultural industry's largest trade exhibition and a demonstration of the Hortus Hungaricus International Horticultural Exhibition and Fair Szigetszentmiklós. In the great tradition, great tradition of trade fairs this year, many professionals and the public will attract a broad base of the 2012th September 21 to 23. between. In addition to more traditional programs and new exhibitors are also available for professionals and the general public in the autumn show.

The exhibitors at the latest until 10 June may indicate their intention to participate, the attached application form sent to you. This year we want to set the focus to include domestic products, so the Hungarian Community Product stand construction is expected to growers, processors can also apply. The many interesting and professional organizations, special programs are not only professionals but also for the general public.

We are waiting for you and your company is the most prestigious trade show of the 19th Hortus Hungaricus International Horticultural Exhibition and Fair.


Flora Hungaria